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Beijing engineering trick bids will have 4 big reform
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The project enrols Beijing this year bid will have 4 major reform, main content is: It is to will strengthen a government to invest a purpose to superintend; 2 it is the action that restricts repellent and potential bidder, register the issue that relies on to wait for disturbed market in order to put an end to; 3 it is the management that strengthens pair of experts that review bid; 4 it is to relax blame government invests what the action of the project bids to superintend. At present Beijing builds the market to be put in a few problems, if project cost manages working lag, cause construction foreword, malign competition is not had between the enterprise, low wins the bid, caused from this default the problem such as project money. Beijing expresses, no matter construction still is material, equipment,the government will invest a project henceforth, should execute action bid, in order to assure open, fair, justice, and in the light of some aptitude insufficient enterprise hangs the behavior that relies on tall aptitude enterprise to undertake bidding, will severe henceforth check punish severely.

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