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6 years construction project invite public bidding bids fix eyes on " 7 big heat
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On December 15 ~ 16 days, market of construction of society of Chinese civil engineering and invite public bidding bid conference of first time of the 4th board is in branch Wuhan is held. On the meeting, wang Ning of vice director of department of market control of construction ministry building bids around next year invite public bidding working key, problem of the difficulty in bidding in the light of invite public bidding, heat, point out 7 titles, requirement each district begins investigation and study energetically, be brave in to innovate, solid exploration, as soon as possible " broken problem " , the level that works with raising invite public bidding to bid.

How does reasonable low win the bid to operate?
Wang Ning says, this one problem has become current invite public bidding to bid of the job " difficulty " . Reasonable low wins the bid is international convention, carrying out way of this one system is correct. From long-term look should extend this one course of action energetically. Enter especially 2006, the transition after our country joins WTO period be about to end, home builds the market to make the one part of the international market, enterprise of our country bldg. also should quicken the pace that enters an international market, this asks we must be run according to international convention. Reasonable low wins the bid is international convention, but be in the real work of our country is at present medium, how to understand low to win the bid, how to carry out low to win the bid, how is the regulation that the management in carry out handles method, normative requirement, actually made, add speed to go urgently. Current, the concerned branch such as department of department of market control of construction ministry building, norm of construction ministerial standard is having investigation and study, sum up the experience of a few cities and lesson, hope this system can be carried out healthily in our country.

The invite public bidding that how invests project and project of blame government investment to the government bids take different administrative kind?
Wang Ning points out, according to concerned requirement of the country, want to strengthen the management that invests a project to the government further, the project that invests to using the fund of national fund and taxpayer wants severe canal, the canal reachs the designated position; Invest a project to be not a government, want to respect the right of investor, resource of managing government administration, hold main key lawfully in management can, must have fasten the management at investing a project to the government. But how normative operation, also want to study exploration further.

How to consider to implement the more scientific, reasonable, unified measure that review bid?
Wang Ning points out, according to statistic, current invite public bidding bids the respect is complained in great quantities in, concentration is mirrorred on the method that review bid. Current, each district bids in project invite public bidding in, the method that review bid is multifarious, not quite normative, caused flaw and inequity, bring about thereby complain in great quantities, affected the construction of the project. Recently, 7 ministries and commissions that the country bids about project invite public bidding are considering to make invite public bidding send designation model text version, also need to listen to the opinion of each respect.
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