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5 years construction of traffic of the Gansu Province invests 11.8 billion highw
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Henan saves freeway advertisement invite public bidding to predict total prices will exceed 200 million

Time: 2005-8-11 8:59:52 origin: Diplomatic relation understands safe product in (glance material) the net is read 111 times yesterday morning, henan saves traffic hall to organize concerned respect to hold a press conference to announce in Zhengzhou: The ad right of administration of much kilometer of?400 of meal of  of wait of Dong of drunk of to instruct of flatter of ∧ of solemn carbonyl of  of  of  of  of  Chang Ling, this the auction will be our country course is the at present longest, the sale of freeway ad right of administration with the biggest dimensions.

Henan province is located in countrywide freeway heartland, line of mainstay of two big freeways hands in even suddenly, Beijing bead in Henan meeting, current, in the motor vehicle that saves the travel on the freeway in Henan, 6 become above is car of provincial pass through the territory of a country. In the past, because do not have unified managing, henan saves each freeway the advertisement of two side is shown without foreword malign development, the amount is much, grade is low, order chaos. Began to apply on March 1 this year " Henan saves freeway byelaw " regulation, collect fees except the freeway station area, stand outside making area, service division and division of pass by crossover, prohibit using ground range in freeway, freeway inside, establishment of advertisement of the setting inside division of highway construction control. At the beginning of this year June, via saving governmental approval, henan saves door of the Ministry of Communication to begin to undertake demolishing to billboard of violate the rules and regulations, whole clear working general in August the bottom ends. Meanwhile, henan omits a decision, save to Henan already the freeway ad right of administration of be open to traffic undertakes auctioning.

Province traffic hall says about chief, henan is saved already total course of development of freeway of be open to traffic is 1789 kilometers, and this ad right of administration bales the auction involves 7 freeways in all, it is respectively:  of wait of ┲ last Dong floats  of wait of Dong of Xi of  of  of hidden unoccupied place danger floats Qia of V of  of hidden unoccupied place danger is listed annulus;  " Dong wait  punishs  а San  of wait of bridge makeup shaming Dong punishs an old name for Japan of distant of  V Qia to roast meat  of Lu Dong wait punishs  of Sou of ㄔ of  of  lip  to be troubled by V Yan Qia first  of wait of Dong of apology of shoot a glance at punishs  play hand deserted Da feed Dong wait, total course of development in all 1400 much kilometers, take Henan whole place already the 80 % of course of development of freeway of be open to traffic.

Additional as we have learned, these 7 freeways will install the advertisement such as advertisement of box of advertisement tower, lamp 840 much place. By Hubei sincere letter auction faces the whole nation to undertake auctioning all right, predict total value will exceed 200 million yuan, at present already business of many 50 large ad of domestic expressed strong interest to this.
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